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Fay's Irish Dance Platinum Suede Black Leather

Fay's Irish Dance Platinum Suede Black Leather

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You should order a half size smaller from hard shoe sizing as these need to be snug for getting good points and arch. Soft shoes will stretch more than hard shoes.

Fays conversion charts are intended to be used as a guide to help you. Sizes are an estimate on what Irish size to order. Many factors can affect the sizing of shoes, such as width and instep. No guarantees can be made. Please remember Irish Dance shoes are made of leather and are likely to stretch.

Some dancers prefer different comfort levels with fitting. Please see the inbox below with different size choices depending on how snug you like your shoes. Please remember that shoes will stretch over time, and you will have better control with a snug shoe.

Consult your teacher for help in picking the correct size.

Fays Platinum Suede Short Toe pump with a full cushioned Poron insole are a premium well-fitting short toe pump. Really heavy shock absorbing with this ultra flexible black suede sole and full cushioned Poron insole between inner and outer sole to protect your feet. Suitable for all levels and with short or no breaking in period.

Standard features on all our Pumps include:

  • Highest quality Irish Dancing Pump design with 100% strong leather upper and sole for comfort and durability.
  • All Pumps are fitted with full cushioned Poron insoles (between the inner and outer sole), for cushioning and heavy shock absorbing on the heel and metatarsal areas to protect the feet.
  • Well fitting pump with perfect foot shaping
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